Our Floor Preparation Services

Industrial Floor Coating Systems will perform as intended only with proper floor preparation. Most of the floors we install are applied on concrete. Improper floor preparation will certainly lead to failures in the form of peeling, blistering, or worse.

Substrate Assessment:

For our commercial and industrial installations, we often conduct several tests to identify concrete conditions and identify potential issues.

Lead Test

Professional swab test identifies lead in existing coatings or sealers that our installers may need to remove.

Curing Compound Test

Test for curing additives that may interfere with the bonding process.

Oil Deposit Test

Check for grease and oils found in substrate that interferes with proper system adhesion.

Moisture Reading

Via electronic moisture meter, plastic sheet method, or both. The results of these tests allow us to properly specify the coating system.

Coating Removal:

Under most circumstances, EPFC will not apply over existing coatings. Risk of failure via delamination is too high. Applying systems over existing coatings may compromise overall strength and durability.

If we can confidently identify an existing coating system, we can find compatible resins to install over top once we test the system’s integrity.

Concrete Repair:

Every resinous floor coating installation includes crack,
divot, or other concrete irregularity repair work.


Grind, “chase” and fill with appropriate resin-based repair product


Grind, clean, and fill with appropriate resin-based repair product


Grind, cleaned, and coated with cementious coating for low area leveling


Clean, saw-chase, fill or partially fill with appropriate joint fill compound


EPFC utilizes HEPA filter equipped dust control equipment during the grinding process and during the post grind vacuum process.

When a concentration of oil and/or grease is found in the substrate, our installers deep clean the substrate prior to the coating installation.