EPFC provides joint and joint spalling repair and filling services. These treatments are installed for facilities even if we aren’t coating or polishing the concrete.  Why?

Joint deterioration, un-caulked joints, and unplanned cracks can cause a number of problems in industrial and commercial settings:

  • Moisture seeping into cracks
  • Cleaning difficulties, Aesthetic concerns
  • Safety concerns, tripping
  • Vehicle wear and tear from driving over damaged and uneven surfaces

Joint deterioration and spalling may be the result of improper joint filler installation, the wrong joint filler selected, or simply because the joints have never been treated. Our estimator will help select proper joint fill product and procedure. Considerations include the width of the joint/crack, type of traffic in facility, return to service requirements, and environmental conditions (temperature, structural concerns, chemical presence).

  • EPFC's install team properly cuts and cleans joints and cracks.  The edges of joints, cracks, and surface spalling are to be at least ½” deep and clean prior to product application to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Repair materials are applied slightly higher than the floor.
  • Finally, the product is shaved or ground flush with the floor surface.

Maintaining appropriate joint conditions for concrete coating and flooring systems is critical for workplace safety, aesthetics, and preventative maintenance purposes.