Polyaspartic, Polyurea, and hybrid coatings have their place in our industrial and commercial installations. “Aliphatic polyureas” have advantages over epoxy in certain applications…

  • UV Stability
  • High abrasion, chemical, and impact resistance
  • Rapid cure time, cures at a temperature as low as 40F
  • Excellent clarity characteristics for top coating
Oil Proof Floor
Oil Proof Floor

EPFC uses a polyaspartic/polyurea hybrid topcoat on about half of our floor installations.  If flooring will experience automotive traffic, we recommend either a tinted or a clear polyhybrid topcoat.

We offer multiple flooring systems that utilize polyaspartic/polyureas in two or more layers of the floor. These floors include a moisture tolerant epoxy basecoat, polyhybrid colorcoat, and a clear polyhybrid topcoat.  Exterior applications are an excellent candidate.

In special cases, we use polyaspartic/polyurea products as the base/binding coat to the concrete. These are scenarios in which return to service times are critical for our customer and the concrete has a very low moisture level. Our rule of thumb is that we will only install polyaspartic/polyurea products when Moisture Content Value is under 2%.

Oil Proof Floor