UMC (Urethane Mortar Concrete) systems are specified in commercial kitchens, freezers, food prep facilities, chemical plants and manufacturing facilities.  EPFC installs systems from the leading manufacturers in the coating industry. These floor coatings are engineered to withstand extreme thermal shock, abrasion, heavy impacts, and moisture.  UMC flooring is also referred to as “Urethane Cement” or a “Urethane Slurry” system and is widely considered the toughest floor coating on the market.

Urethane mortar systems include a 3 part urethane resin with Portland cement and other binders to create a thick slurry.  EPFC leaves an appropriate grind profile that ensures the permanent mechanical and chemical bond to the substrate.

Facilities in the Food and Beverage industry have the most to benefit from Urethane coating systems.  Work areas are cleaned by blasting hot water, steam, and/or chemical cleaners and then rinsed with cold water.  This rapid change in temperature has proven too much for other types of flooring or unprotected concrete. Cementitious Urethane systems will withstand aggressive environments with this sort of thermal shock and impact.

Polyurethanes are also available as a topcoat on interior flooring systems. Urethane has some advantages over epoxy and polyhybrids, in that it is able to be applied at a low mil build and retain high strength. Urethane is available in a range of finish clarity options from matte to high gloss, which makes them a great option for top coating metallic epoxy flooring.